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Mini-Reviews provided for  the Horror Movie Challenge

Because of the nature of this challenge Iíll be writing mini-reviews of the titles I view. I wonít be delving into the extras on the dvd (assuming itís a dvd, Iíll be watching many yet to be released films) and will often refer to actors by characters, instead of character names or actor names. After this is over I do plan on going back and fill in the gaps with who played which character etc. So for the time being if I say that the landlady was exceptional that doesnít mean that I donít have respect for who played the landlady or her name, it simple means that in the moment that I was writing the mini-review I wasnít taking the time to look up the facts.

October 1st:

3. You'll Find Out

This is a fairly typical early 40ís haunted house comedy, a genre I generally donít enjoy, but it has a few differences...

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2. House of Long Shadows

I hadnít watched this in probaby 10 years easily, and my memory was always negative.

I donít know, maybe it was because Peter Cushing and Vincent

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1. Basket Case

Basket Case could be written off as just another low-budget direct-to-video attempt of itís era, but instead it winds up as a fun and whimsical horror comedy that has held itís own through the years.

Itís the story of a siamese twin surgery gone wrong

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The Final Countdown

Starting October 1st at 12:00am I will be joining with many other members are DVDtalk.com in order to attempt the October Horror Movie Challenge, a challenge to watch 100 horror movies in 31 days.

My personal goal is 200, but I believe that 250 is entirely possible. At first I toyed with the thought of 300, but the more Iíve thought about that figure the less possible it seemed, so Iím crossing my fingers and hoping for 250.

I will be blogging my experience of devoting 31 days and nights to the horror genre, and with a lot of luck, I wonít go insane in the meantime. The preperation has been odd at times. Thereís a sub-challenge that involves watching particular films on particular days, so Iíve had to round those up. A sub-sub-challenge that deals with a checklist, I imagine Iíll accomplish everything within that checklist except for 1890ís and 1900ís, I do love classic film, but I donít own any films from those decades and donít intend to seek them out. The challenge also allows 6 wild cards, encouraging people to watch such seminal classics as Itís the Great Pumpkin Charlie brown,undoubtedly some will abuse this break from feature films to watch short You Tube videos, so be it. Rules donít need to be too harsh however, it should be a personal challenge instead of a competition, cheating at this is like cheating at solitaire, what good does that do anyone?

Initially I was planning on themed days, and had made lists and was excited about those lists. I believe Iíve decided instead to watch what I feel like in the moment and only use the lists as guides if I canít decide.

I encourage everyone to watch horror films in the month of October, and if you donít think you can do 100 (or 250) make a personal goal. 31, 12, or 2, whatever, just please be honest about your choices and HAVE FUN!






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